Experimental Packraft Shelter Setup

There is sure things we can learn from the Alaska guys! See what Erik is playing with. Truely a system approach. Looking forward to a field test. This might not be for everyone though ;)

Anyone ever slept under or on his Packraft beyond a afternoon nap?

3 Kommentare:

  1. My Denali Llama makes a super comfortable bed!


    1. Nice one! But it is limiting space, isn't it? Set up the shelter higher above ground? I never got beyond a nap, for this purpose however, actually quite a treat (no need for extra bedding).

    2. There was loads of room! :) I didn't hit the walls of the shelter and there was plenty of room for for all my gear. The Duomid actually sits a little higher off the ground than normal when using three sections of my paddle as the support.

      I was really comfortable sleeping there even if I was a little cold (but that was a whole different problem... :) ) I made sure to partially deflate the boat so it sat square on the ground and didn't roll about.