Suchbegriff eingeben

New definition of whitewater: Snowboating

Warning: don't do this to your boat. Your manufactuere did not approve on this one ;). 

It is getting colder in the northern hemisphere. Time to quit the boating season? Temps below freezing and snow falling indicate so. Well, this post is to show Packrafting as a 4-season activity. Get the boat ready for frozen water :) A packraft can indeed make a good winter toy.

If anyone still in doubt of the durability , this should proof otherwise too :) It is a definite stress test for material and pilots alike:

Tipps an Tricks 

Some hints from the experience of two sledging seasons:  

1. Clear the slope. Unless really steep or a lot of momentum, the boats don't slide on powder. Make a path with the help of snowshoes or plough by the boat itself first.

2. Get off the bottom. The boats slide best when not sitting down. Have the weight distributed over the tubes.

3. Weight helps. In contrast to whitewater, the two passenger application works great.

4. Don't expect directions. Spinning is the norm. A paddle can help, but this is also an issue of danger.

5. Ski goggles protect your eyes from heavy snow stream.

Have fun, but honestly, this is at your own risk. Don't expect any warranty on  it. Having that said, I did not find any signs of wear after using it as such!

Good sledging!