Source: National Maritime Museum,  London
It is long known that packrafting is not being a totally new idea, but facts are scattered. This article is meant to be a complete historical coverage. We will give reference, make connections and summarize. 

Purpose of the essay is in the realm of this site: to establish Packrafting as theme, beyond a fashion and current trend.

The articles have been published over the first half of 2012:

2. Guys at American Safety Equipment, the naming and commercial attempt (1972), sidelines
3. Sheri Tingey, the reinvention and breakthrough (2001), diversification

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  1. Hey Sven, you really how to surprise. Great post and very interesting to read. Thanks a lot for you efforts.

  2. Great post and really informative. I've been to the Stromness Museum a couple times as it's right around the corner from family... and only until now, through your post, have I realised that Rae was actually using a 'packraft'. I remember looking at it when I was younger thinking 'hmm, what an ingenious idea'... now I know!