Inspiration from the European Scene

With the open Facebook Group 'Packrafting in Europe' it is hard to keep up with news. There is lots of snippets, informal posts and instant messages from free Packrafting folks. The only chance I have, is to anticipate reports ;)

Coming soon

Marcel Bak between Poland and Czech R.
Louis-Philippe, whom I met in Leipzig, is about to enter the Packraft part of his Polandtrek. So far the Tatras were challenging him a lot. Tough hiking conditions in snow and sun. Check for progress on the river in the coming days. http://www.polandtrek.com/

Joery is back from the French Verdon Canyon (fortunately) and we eagerly wait for his full report: http://dzjow.wordpress.com/

Same with David, an epic trip in the North-West of Scotland of 380 km in 14 days with lots of varying terrain, truely a pack and raft adventure, but not time write it up yet. http://gridnorth.blogspot.de/

Other than that, I can summerize and structure a bit of course.


Most notably, the VIPackrafter Forrest McCarthy from the US on the Balkan (Bosnia).

In contrast to this, more hiking than boating by Joe from Norway. Real nicely edited video:

My favourite Packrafting playground: No man's land between Poland and Czech Republic. Pictures in this post are all from this trip. 

And the Belgians are not to be stopped. The Orthe River seems to be their playspot.

Packrafting 4 Kids in Norway.

Radu of Romania with Rad  Bike.


Tommy from Holland (micro-adventures.blogspot.de) made us aware of another 'Quasi-Packraft' of military origin. Weighting ~4kg and made of Non-PVC (Butylrubber) qualifies as such. The outfitter says: "It is light and compact for travel, about the size of a sleeping bag"With 200€ a real real bargain, especially as it can accommodate two people! Details and purchase

Andy and Rob of  Backcountrybiking.co.uk are about to offer Packrafting and Bikerafting related courses guided trips in Scotland. Good chance to try out Packrafts beforehand. They have plenty of models. 

Mark of backpackingnorth.com  is announcing exiting things to appear soon in Finland/Rovaniemi.

Packrafting-Store and Kanupark Markleeberg hold Packraft specific Whitewater classes in Leipzig/Germany. The first date is almost fully booked. 

Last but not least, Benjamin is heading to Switzerland (Engadin) next week with his new boat and looking for partners!

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  1. The packraft scene in Europe is alive and well! Still so much potential to be unlocked.

    Exciting times.

    Good work Sven.

  2. That Bosnia vid is completely awesome :) very sexy bull

  3. Hi Guys, I was about to switch off comments here thinking it of no use, good I did not ;) So blogger still seems to be a community tool, not only an editorial platform :) And yes, Packrafting IS a topic in Europe! Next KANUmagazin (June 14th) will feature a comprehensive article! That should give a boost in the boating environment.