Pressespiegel (international press coverage) 2015

This year has seen quite some coverage in terms of packrafting, especially since the market diversified.

1. Dutch Volkskrant Newspaper

Introducing packrafting in general, covering specific models (the Volksraft?), recommending rentals.

MRS Microraft (M/L)

Source: De Volkskrant
2. Czech Světem Outdooru Magazin

Report from trips in Europe and America. The text is written by our friend Martin Lipina, whom we went to Kamenice with earlier the year. We submitted some photos as of below. 

Featuring Marc in his boat.

3.  German Trekking Magazin

In collaboration with fellow Hendrik from HikinginFinland.com this article was submitted to Trekking Magazin covering Packrafting in general and some specific gear. Hendirk as author tested outdoors, wrote the text and took the pictures outside, we provided the products as well as some studio photos. Nice working together!

In order of the picture to the right: Supai Matcat,  MRS Microraft and Nortik Trekraft

4. British 'APaddleInMyPack' Blog 

Long term acquaintance Chris Scott did a Packraft group test on his Blog  'Adventures with pack boats". This was done by him independently, so text and photos are credited to him. We only provided the necessary equipment and base information.  

5. German Survival Magazin

The Survival scene again took on Packrafting a feature theme. Armin Time contacted us in May for a comprehensive overview, we gladly helped out with. He provided a proper introduction and 5 individual, detailed tests. Stay tuned!

On the picture Armin Tima on the Isar with a MRS Adventure X2

Download full articel (German/Deutsch)
Individual test reports to follow!

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