The Lipid Raft!

A new Packraft? Well, let us introduce: The Lipid Raft! 

A new species has arisen from a cooperation in biotechnology with a company named Lipotype. It is not fat tubes or fat bikes, but indeed fats, or lipids, that come into focus with this raft!

From left to right, Prof. Kai Simons and the Lipotype Team at BioInnovationsZentrum.
It is actually one of our MRS Pontos that has a new role or branding now. Not transporting packs and people, but a message: The Lipid Raft! will symbolize Lipotypes main scientific concept, the lipid raft idea

Do you want to raft with us? 
We are happy to provide a packraft as a communication tool for their marketing activities and gave it to the Lipotype team last week. It is now officially part of Lipotypes (re)presentation. Another example of the versatility of packrafts ;) Easy to transport, big to impress, even in business class ;)

If you are in research, especially in biotechnology, spot The Lipid Raft! on one of the next conferences such as Metabolomics in Dublin in next week! 

Moreover, if you indeed want to know the exact lipid signature of a biological sample, shop Lipotypes lipid analysis and join the lipid revolution!

Otherwise, stay with us for your packrafting resolution :)

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