Suchbegriff eingeben


This Blog really targets on a niche: the activity, equipment, and people of packrafting, geographically focusing on Europe.

On the other hand, as a combined activity like packrafting, we embrace traditional hiker, original water sport enthusiasts and outdoorsy people alike. In fact, packrafting brings together two distinguished cultures: backpacker and paddler. Packrafting also is a worldwide phenomenon.

Since 2010 the Blog has been an initiative to establishing packrafting in Europe. 

It originates from Marc Kreinacker and Sven Schellin, which have been packrafter for many years, but met prior to that. Both raised in Saxony near Leipzig/Germany in the mid 70ies, yet first got to know each other in Calgary/Canada in 2003. Always having been kayaker and canoeists (with a fable for inflatables), they have a water sport background. Once caught by the trekking ultralight bug around 2006, packrafting was a natural follow up to combine those two passions.

However, many others contributed to the blog with content, guest posts and comments. We are happy to see the community growing!

We favour creativity over records, value originality over performance. Packrafts are the perfect tool for that.

The Blog is also part and the origin of Anfibio Packrafting, which is elaborated on our organisation site