Suchbegriff eingeben

Season on in the European scene

Me (Sven) just returned from a trip myself. Now catching up with what has been going on during my absence. Apperently a lot. See below a best of. However, I am especially happy the community has be rolling by itself in the Facebook group. There is much informal scene talk there. So if you don't have a blog or similar, this is the place to share.


"Scouting" the North Pole: Marc Cornelisson is taking a Packraft to the Arctic, somethings like skiing  with the aid of a packraft.

Packraft training for Tibet (Yanktze river) in the Scottish Highlands for the expedition Silk Roads to Shanghai, a 16,000km cycle, run and raft from Istanbul to Shanghai, beginning  on the 29th March 2012

Poland Trek, Tatras to the Baltics on foot, packraft and kayak, starting May 7th by Louis Philippe Loncke and National Geographic Poland

Project Regenzeit (Ilka Sohr and Thorsten Röder) in Bolivia, they failed to source the planed Madidi river, but managed a likewise alternative.
A new craft? The Packatamaran. meets (joint) Inner tube in Bolivia. 


Cyclist Mika and his 3 year old girl taking a ride in the snow in Finland:

Jörg and Claudia (Minimulis) taking their first ride together on Wilde Weißeritz near Dresden.

Vitek from Czech Republic got delivered his raft the same day as his new born baby. It is about the same weight.

How to

2 in 1: Belgians Steve and Katrijn with their Explorer on a 48 hour true pack and raft trip. Lovely music also.

Reflections on Packrafting accessories by Joe.

Bikeraft Lochindorb (Scotland) by Tramplite. First combination I see with a bike trailer.

Canoe to go. A working version of the Halkett boat is a plan from the Candian Canoe Museum. Not quite European, but hey, Halkett, the inventor of the first packraft, was!

Old Aquaintants

Rob and Andy from Back Country Biking in the UK paddled up a blast. This Video in the Cairngorms is just one of many.

So did Joery in Belgium from first strokes with his new raft to the Biesbosch National Park and the Ardennes.

And Sebastian was Skirafting in Norway


Easter holiday is coming. As planed, the four guys around Libertist are going to packraft in Austria. Join them, if you like to participate for a  introducery to intermediate level. Meeting is on April 5th in Obervellach, directly on the water (Möll), Campsite Pristavec.

Did I miss anyone? Add a comment as an amendment!