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Are we commercial now?

Despite no official announcement here, it is no secret anymore. We officially sell. Our web shop opened on Febuary 15th. Packrafts and third party accessories are now conveniently available in the European Union:

First question to come: Who is "we"?

Well, that is indeed a good question. Physically it is the same guys, but legally a different entity. Even in our mind, we  clearly separate business and logistics on one side, theme and editorial work on the other. Some times it is overlapping, often not. We love to live the schizophrenic nature of ourselves.  

The blog remains the theme of packrafting with our subjective posts plus objective pages on research topics. The Store is a logistical operation. 

The possible (!) money we earn is for the investment and risk as well as handling and service. We think in added value, not participation on an upsurge of the theme. The value is that of ease in supply (free of customs), lowering buyers risk (right of revocation) as well as services of repair and modification (no shipping overseas). By all means, it shall be no more expensive than it would apply for direct order overseas. This however can be some percentage under or over the equivalent Dollar sales price at times due to a varying exchange rate. Major jumps will be taken into account, but other than that we like stable prices in €. 

To offer this service occurred to us from the very beginning, to be honest. It would make no sense to promote the activity in Europe without a convenient supply. And we did not feel comfortable having such in a warehouse or general outdoor supply. Likewise, we could not handle the organisation of collective orders anymore. Either there is an offer or there isn't. 

We even try to find a different language on both sides. More formal and objective in the Store, community based and private in the Blog. Feel free to contact us following your preferences.

To promote the sport keeps our main goal. We sell to blog. Our vision is an activity beyond fashion and current trend. Packrafting as an open source mix of activities is such a wonderful concept, that provides to live creativity for many, quite the opposite of consumption.

As intermediates we fulfill a role in both worlds (this of the theme and the products offered). All data are remeasured and evaluated. We are independent representatives and save them customer support.

But don't have a misconception of scale of our operation ;) We will see if it is feasible to extend into third party accessories (for example the life vest issue!). There might be potential for specific developments. 

However, is this an affiliated blog by that? Well, it can't be denied, there is a connection. But again, the separation is meant seriously. To summon, yes we are commercial. So what? It will not affect the the status quo. 

And if you think we are packrafting nerds, rest assured, we are. Nevertheless, for distraction I head off to the Maldives on a sea kayaking trip. A folding sea kayaks of 30 kg and 5 m length should get me a different perspective. Well, maybe I bring back some open water basics for packrafts ;) Marc is on maternity leave and will take care of his boys. Also quite a challenge! Hope he will not  mix up packages of equal size. Be content with him!