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Sceneticker, Europe

After the latest insight on the past, back to current developments. And there is some real cool stuff!

First off, we have to redefine the 'European Scene'. It was meant Packrafters from Europe, obviously, but also Packrafting in Europe by anyone. And now we have a third category: Packrafts from Europe anywhere. Yes, Packrafts from Europe, thats right, our 'Quasi-Packrafts' (page bottom) from communist times made it to America. Offering them in our latest used sales, some were acquired by Americans! 

Ted says: "Took it out for a test run in the Pacific Ocean of La Jolla Shores here in San Diego California. I packed the boat in 9 miles on the Lyle Fork of the Tuolomne River in Yosemite National Park this weekend.  Nice easy float out, with about 6 portages around rapids, falls, and trees. Boat works great! Looking forward to more fun with the boats in the near future!"

Latest applications

Canoe against packraft in Finland, will Joni win?

Packraft for two in Italy, will I fit in?

The Belgians finally found together, Joery reports

Radu's 9 day bike/packraft trip in Dobrogea region in Romania

Packrafting with handicap in France, first descent for Arthur who is paraplegic, pretty amazing!

More trips

PackHoping between Canary Islands, Mateuz and Anna on a 6 weeks bikerafting trip:

We packrafted along the coast of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura (short bits), crossed the strait between Lanzarote and La Graciosa (hardcore waves) and back, it was slightly on the edge - going between the islandstook us more than 1,5 hours of hard paddling - against the wind and current. But everything was under control - weather and currents checked, paddles lashed. Went then from Faro the Teno to Los Gigantes, Tenerife, discovering beautiful beaches on the way.

David finally had the time to write up his trek through the Northwest of Scotland

The big ones

Polandtrek is completed, but one is missing: the packraft got stolen (along with the car)! Any hints are welcome.

Marcel is just back from Mongolia, hope to see a report here soon :)

Steve, Katrijn and their Explorer are finally preparing for their gap year, another two in one packraft

Wilem is in full flow: Transscandinavia 

Luc will come to the EU, fabulous to see another prominence ;) from the US

Latest Whitewater course in Leipzig, which Vitek enjoyed