Relentless European Scene

It is summer time. Packrafts get employed for sure. However, never shall be forgotten where it originally came from. We are all part of a very long history. Manitoba Museum recently paid tribute to that by opening a complete Halkett exhibition.

Packrafting with children

One thing still relatively under-represented is the use of Packrafts with kids. Marc shows it works well:

Packrafting with Kids
Explorer 42 in Leipzig

Packrafting "for some time"

Torsten from regenzeit.net
There is not always reason enough to purchase a packraft. As a member on BPL Forums express"The number of times I would be able to use such a raft is really the reason I would be hesitant to spend so much".  

But there is  also no real need to buy a packraft. Call it packraft sharing. Call it rentals. Ask a friend (and compensate them reasonably). Even the most addicted packrafters will have to admit: they can't use it all the time. And they will be happy it is made use of adequately. Or one plans for that: cooperative buying.

Relentless but not rentless

If all that does not work out, consider convenient commercial rentals from backpackingnorth.com in Finland. Mark serves as a rental hub in Scandinavia. Likewise may Rob and Andy of Backcountrybiking.co.uk do with their fleet on the British Isles. And so offers Packrafting Store its rental service for Central Europe.

This may not count, if you are well equipped, but it might be a good option to invite someone to come along! Marko did so with  friends for a week long trip on the "bear trail" in Finland. See the following pictures from Kuusamo/Oulanka NP:

Well loaded on the water
A bit furthe east went Jens, Russia to be exact. Jens claimes his Packraft has one of  the highest mileages travelling by plan, train an car. Very much possible. It has seen China, Russia and Brazil within one year. See some pictures from Karelia to the Sugar Loaf Mountain:

Russion white water in Karelia (River Suna)
The big Suger loaf in Brazil. See the tiny boat?
Robert, Silvio, Johan and Katerina improved their skills (white water technique course in Leipzig). See some of the lessons:

Big (but safe) water
Throw rope rescue


Benjamin fighting mosquitos and rain in Vassfaret of Norway (Part II)

Joni instead opts for warm weather packrafting

Rainer 'lechts' for the Lech. 

This can't be all. It is summer time. Where are yours about?

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  1. Thanks for the link guys! And good luck with your rentals too!

    Is there a link for Marko's trip in Oulanka NP? I was thinking of heading down that way soon. I've been there before in a canoe but am curious about how they got on.

    1. Unfortunately not, he sent some photos via email to us. Your request might encourage him to publish the rest! Marko, can you hear us?

  2. "Ask a friend" is a good advice but even asking from a stranger might work. Or if you're in Finland, rent it from Mark. He's a great guy. :) Anyway, get a hold of a packraft and go trying. It's fun!

    That said my raft hasn't seen any use since late May but things might change... Have some plans. Have to see. I have a huge urge to go packrafting!

    1. Jaakko, we will be mean and continue feeding this urge ;) How about a quest post on your upcoming plans?

    2. The plans are not that big and the little beta I have to share is quite scattered so probably not enough material for a full post but I can share the destinations right here:

      Kummaeno in Sweden, parts of Poroeno in Finland and parts of Reisaelva in Norway. Might also take a packraft to Sarek NP (Sweden) as a mean for safe and easy water crossing but my Llama might be too heavy for me to bother.

      And I'll share something when I'm back from the trips... ;)