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So this is the ticker for late summer, here it goes: 

Chris from Apaddleinmypack tries to see the limtits in Packrafting on the other side of the spectrum, he takes his "Slackraft" (modified PVC dingey) to the ocean. Not really recommended. Tube failure in such enviroment? Be carefull. But thanks for testing :)

Same qualifies for the application below, this is not to discredit anything, but packrafting surely diversifies. Would make a good air bed too, would't it? Strictly seen, not part of the European scene, excuse this ;) ~250€/650g

The Packrafting world also has a new specific brand, called 'Anfibio', which specializes on Packrafting accessories. It is a concept or user experience based label, centering the application of packrafting in it various forms as a mix of activities or amphibious travel - that is where the name 'Anfibio' derives (Spanish for amphibian). While there is no centre technology or core manufacturing expertise, it is taking such in by competent partners on contract. This allows a potential product portfolio to concentrate on the application with different types of product developments otherwise unable to cover. As one can clearly see on the logo, there is a strong relation to Packrafting Store ;) Starting off with a  Drysuit and a new Paddle, more to come.

At standard 12" tube diameter in bow and stern tapering to 10" cm side tubes, the CuriYak is a hybrid, a mix of the little Scout and the full size Yukon Yak.  It is narrower in width outside yet wider inside due to the 10” side tubes however. It comes with a lightweight floor and like the Scout with only one Grap loop and without a seat, thus being the same minimalistic approach as the Scout only larger and with increased buyonacy.

The internal length of 114 cm will fit the majority of people between 170 and 190cm, almost like in a standard Yukon Yak. With no real heavy whitewater ambition and no spraydeck it can flexibly accomodate people by that. It is a response to those who wanted another packraft in very light weight (under 2 kg, 1.87 to be exact) for easy travel, but full body fitting. The CuriYak is another pocket boat for easy river travel or calm evenings fishing and sightseeing on a remote lake or fjords, spelunking and canyoneering. It embraces likewise geocaching and river crossings. It is ideal for classic packrafting without serious whitewater (max. Class 1). By its size and with a potential seat it is also comfortable on longer river floats.

Available on special order  for 700€,  allow 3-4 weeks on that, but be granted with a free seat plus  backrest! Enough for the gear junkies, some more fun to watch:

In contrast to far away adventures, some more backyard discoveries:

Packrafts under Sail, speed record: 7 km/h
Canoe to go, Packrafting goes Canoeing

This is it. What have you been up to lately?

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  1. Haha. Thanks for the feature in the article, Sven!

    Anfibio Drysuit looks pretty neat.

    1. You are welcome Xavier, it was a pleasure and we all are looking forward to part II. Kirgisthan really is an adventurous destination. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Nice to see that Xavier is still alive! Are you still living in Finland? Judging by the video the rivers in Kyrgystan look great! We'd need more mountains here in Finland to get some fast glacial rivers to float...