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Sceneflash en European

So this is the ticker for late summer, here it goes: 

Chris from Apaddleinmypack tries to see the limtits in Packrafting on the other side of the spectrum, he takes his "Slackraft" (modified PVC dingey) to the ocean. Not really recommended. Tube failure in such enviroment? Be carefull. But thanks for testing :)

Same qualifies for the application below, this is not to discredit anything, but packrafting surely diversifies. Would make a good air bed too, would't it? Strictly seen, not part of the European scene, excuse this ;)

The Packrafting world also has a new specific brand, called 'Anfibio', which specializes on Packrafting Gear. It is a concept or user experience based label, centering the application of packrafting in it various forms as a mix of activities or amphibious travel - that is where the name 'Anfibio' derives (Spanish for amphibian). While there is no centre technology or core manufacturing expertise, it is taking such in by competent partners on contract. This allows a potential product portfolio to concentrate on the application with different types of product developments otherwise unable to cover. As one can clearly see on the logo, there is a strong relation to

Enough for the gear junkies, some more fun to watch:

In contrast to far away adventures, some more backyard discoveries.

Canoe to go, Packrafting goes Canoeing

This is it. What have you been up to lately?