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BIWAK ROCKS THE BALKANS (German TV-Documentation with English Subtitles)

Our dearest non-German readers, enjoy our latest TV-Documentation now with English subtitles!

The trip led truly amphibious through swamps, mountains and white water of the Balkan Peninsula, in Montenegro at the Skutari Lake and in the Cijevna Canyon of the Albanian Alps.


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We experienced frequent land-water change, trips to small islands, through flood forests, to beaches and monastery islands.

Practical information 
von Sven Schellin I Anfibio Packafting
Fotos: Holger Liebrenz I BIWAK TV
  1. Tour map - our route
  2. Equipment - our packrafts of choice 
  3. Making-of - view behind the scenes 
  4. Story - people and faces from the road
  5. Result - TV report in full length
  6. Conclusion
1. Tour map - our route

Follow the route of the team on this interactive map. By clicking on the symbols (photo, info, starting points) you get more content. The sections on foot or on water are marked by different colours. The change between the modes of transport is marked as entry and exit point.

2. Equipment - our packrafts of choice

What kind of funny boats are these? Where are the square tents? Are the shoes really waterproof? Here are the answers to what equipment the team used on their Balkan trip.

Thorsten and Jens (camera) used an Anfibio Sigma TX, the freighter among the ultra-light packrafts. With a weight of 2.1 kg, it has an internal dimension of 1.60 m and a capacity of 220 kg.

A pyramid tent (e.g. the Bear Paw Luna 4) is particularly practical for packrafting as it can be set up with a paddle, e.g. the length-adjustable Anfibio Ultimate.

Waterproof bags (e.g. Anfibio Multibag) and waterproof shoes (e.g. Merrell Maipo) are essential in an amphibious environment. A backpack boat in the truest sense of the word is the Anfibio Delta MX with 1.6 kg from Sven.

In whitewater we used completely different equipment, especially for safety reasons (MRS Alligator 2S and a MRS Alligator 2S Pro including life jacket, dry suit and helmet).

3. Making-of - view behind the scenes

Camera films camera and has a look next to the shooting place :)

4. Story - people and faces from the road

The film is the tour and the tour is the film, you can't make a separation. In this respect I can confirm that everything is completely authentic. The team lives 100% with the shooting and this is the adventure itself.

Moderator Thorsten Kutschke and Sven Schellin at the evening interview in the mountains.

The whole crew gathered (from left to right Holger (organization), Sven (Packraft/Guiding), Jockel (sound), Jens (camera), Johny (Drone), Thorsten (moderation).

Raki for breakfast or brandy at the roadside, people and countryside are always involved.

Not always beyond all doubt. Where do we go next? The art of route finding as team work.

5. Result- TV report in full length

Hit the CC button in the video player control elements to enable the English subtitle feature!

6. Conclusion

Novel writer Karl May has described them, despite never been there, but there they really exist, the gorges of the Balkans. The canyon of Cijevna and Lake Skutari are such examples. The clear, turquoise waters come directly from the Albanian Alps crossing borders. We made it especially easy for ourselves and paddle with our Packrafts the fair and temperate (wild) water of this region. But no matter what boat, no matter which river, every paddler has to experience the gorges of the Balkans once in a lifetime.