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Reviving the European Scene

'Packrafting in Europe', what is it anyway? Well, it has been a lot this year! Though little reflection in the Scene series here. 'Packrafting in Europe' had originally been the titel of this Blog. Given the below however, this might not justify anymore.

Catoon by "Erbse", an Illustrator from the mountaineering scene.

A good collection of 'Packrafting in Europe' currently is the open Facebook Group with over 300 members and active content sharing.
Also, we have some interesting divesifications languagewise, as typical for a place like Europe, check this:

Antonio shares a Blog in Italian - but goes packrafting beyond Italy, like Czech Republic.

Pekka makes a version in Finnish - and developseda real packrafting tour organiser (next trip in June)

Edu writes every day in Spanisch - contribute to the story contest till Dec. 31!

Chris continues on British English - and traditionally diversifies with IK. Check the Supai review

And this Blog shall serve in German - although ocassionally sharing some content in English

But where is the Packrafting blog in French - and Eastern European languages?

Looking forward to next summer, like Fred is doing in reflection of the Bavarian Isar.

Join a European Festival in Finland in June 2014

I like Pekka's proposal, embracing newcomes:

"I've started to prepare a group expedition into Lapland - again. The destination is going be Pöyrisjärvi wilderness area in northern Finnish Lapland.

I'm especially trying to avoid difficult rapids as there are several newcomers coming. The plan is also to go early in June to make sure there's enough water and preferably no insects. I also find flat narrow rivers somewhat nice (have you ever paddled Haukkajoki at Helvetinjärvi national park?) as constant adrenaline rush is not always what people seek. Higher water level may also make Käkkälöjoki a bit swifter" See itinary and event organisation.

Others coming strong too

Dave, aka selfpowered, took the full cycle from joy to exuberance in due time and shared his reflection on risk.

Thomas, better knows as Mr. Kwanon, started to challenge us with glowing content in German

Georg and friends are in the final preparation for a "first" expedition, Transpatagonia 2014

Richard, the Lonely Traveller, is not alone anymore.

Rumors of Hendrik coming back next year, I expect him to take over the Scene series as a TWIR branch ;)

Acquaintants holding strong with

Especially the British, like Andy from Backcountrybikingboating, see the video above! 

Dave H. as always constantly heading gridnorth, see his excellent reflection of packrafting spirit

Belgians like Joery and Willem are never to stop.

Neither is Jaako.

And Gerhard is back, from Alaska:

Feel free to add a comment/link, if we missed anything! Other references on the topic are welcome.